Everytime I see you my heart skips a beat.❤️

To my walking teddy bear with oh so singkit eyes.. Happy birthday!! Love and miss you kuya Rhofel muaaa. 🎂🎁🎉🎈

Tired from work yet he still wants to go out with me. So cute! @aenarledesma ❤️ (at Home🏤)

by @anansib0y “Pick a drink 😋🍻🍹” via @PhotoRepost_app

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Take chances and drop every fear. #gv #icandothis 🙏👼

My comfort zone. My sanctuary. My crib. 😘💋 (at Home🏤)

"Happy girls are the prettiest." -Audrey Hepburn 😘💋

Gossip girls. @angelofgod413 @jhayeramirez 💋 #sssh